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City of Gunnison Parks and Recreation

Customer Testimonial

Dear Jerry and Beth,

The service you provide is greatly appreciated. We truly value all that you have done for us on every level. I have only been with the Gunnison Parks and Recreation Department for a little over a year and a half and have been amazed at the services provided by you. When I first started working on our quarterly brochure, which houses all of our offered programs, you were very patient. I was learning a new program, with many phone calls to ThePrintShop. You never made me feel I was taking you away from other projects. You would take the time to walk me through specific tasks over the phone. You even took time to show me in person some specifics of the program at your office. When a newer version was installed on my computer, you took time out of your busy day to come to my office and show me how to work with the new updates. Many times, when I had forgotten to add something to the brochure, you were both very accommodating.

It has been such a pleasant experience working with you both at ThePrintShop. Your professionalism and adaptability have been proven time and time again. Your dedication and work ethic is greatly appreciated by me and all of my co-workers at the Parks and Recreation Department.

Kyla Leonard
Recreation Coordinator
City of Gunnison Parks and Recreation

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