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Customer Testimonial

December 05, 2007

Beth & Jerry,

There are a lot of choices out there for good quality printers, and we have experimented with several of them - but we keep coming back to the best - you! You never cease to amaze me with the quality of your product, the turn around time and your prices. Ever time I contact you, your response is so quick and professional, and you have always gone out of your way to make sure we are thrilled with the work you produce.

I will never forget the day I stopped in to see you because I needed a 'stand out' business card that doesn't look like every other Realtor in the world. In 30 minutes, I walked out of your shop knowing that no one else in a 300 mile radius would have a card like mine - and I was right. When my cards arrived and I started handing them out, the response was enormous, and the positive comments have never stopped. In fact, I have to grin every time I put one in someone's hand and watch their reaction. Usually I get something like "I don't know where you got these, but I have never seen a classier business card". Well it's due to the classy joint that printed them for me.

This same level of cutting edge professionalism extends to everything from our letterhead to our note pads. You are simply awesome. Everything I pitch your way comes back over and above what I had hoped it would - and I have come to se that bar very high when it comes to you two!

There is no job I can think of that you would not be qualified to do, or would not excel at, and I wanted anyone looking for an outstanding printer to know that when they found "The Print Shop", they found the absolute best!

Most Sincerely,

Sari Cobb
Cornerstone Realty, LTD

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